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Gurgaon Hearing Aids Center was founded with the aim to improve the quality of life of people who are unable to hear either due to any type of hearing impairment. Our experienced audiologists and hearing consultants are able to carry out proper diagnosis and treatment for any kind of hearing loss and speech problems.

At Gurgaon Hearing Aids Center, we ensure that the people of Gurgaon have access to professional, independent and affordable hearing care treatment. Being proudly independent, we always identify the best treatments for our clients from the full range of available solutions - including hearing testing, rehabilitation, counseling and hearing aids from all leading manufacturers.

IIC (Invisible in Canal), CIC (Completely in Canal), BTE (Behind the Ear), ITE (In the Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITC (In the Canal) and latest Digital Hearing Aids are some of the types of hearing aids that you can chose from with us at Gurgaon Hearing Aids Center. PHONAK, SIEMENS, WIDEX, STARKEY and RESOUND are some of the best brands that we offer through our center.


Major Hearing Aid Brands With us:

Types Of Hearing Aids. Complete Range of Digital Hearing Aids in Gurgaon.

There is a vast variety available when it comes to looking for a hearing aid in the 21st century. Modern times have brought us hearing aids and types that utilize the upscale microprocessor technology. Hearing devices are so tiny that it is virtually impossible to tell if someone is wearing an in-ear hearing aid. There is another range of these devices that are small enough to be held on your fingertips. Let us look at some of the popular varieties of shell sizes that are available in the market today.

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Trade-in Scheme: Replace Old Hearing Aid With New One and Get Discount

Every year hundreds of old hearing aids are replaced with old ones with our Trade-in Scheme to get better discount on new purchases. We donate those hearing aids to needy ones at highly subsidized rates, which can open up the world of sound to those people. Many of the hearing aids used at various hearing missions come from the our Hearing Aid Trade-in Scheme.

Trade-in Scheme for Your Hearing Aids

Follow these simple steps to replace your hearing devices and change someone's life today.

  1. Bring the hearing aid to us with original box and bill.
  2. Purchase any new hearing aid and get flat 35% discount on your new purchase (not more than 50% of your old hearing aid price).
  3. Only one old hearing aid can be replaced with one new hearing aid.


Our Services

  • Hearing test for adults and children
  • Hearing aid consultation and counseling
  • Hearing Aid Accessories and Batteries
  • Hearing aids for every need, lifestyle and budget
  • Hearing aid servicing for various makes and models
  • Advice on hearing problems, hearing protection and conservation
  • Hearing aid batteries and dehumidifiers for ear molds

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