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Gurgaon Hearing Aids Center

World's Most Advanced Hearing Aids Technology now in Gurgaon !!!

Hearing Technology


When selecting a hearing aid, technology is one of the most important considerations.  Below is a summary of different types of available technologies. Most are available in different levels of sophistication. For specific details and to understand which features would best benefit you, speak to us.

Sound quality Speech Intelligibility Noise Reduction Ease of Use

Your clinician will be able to adapt the amplification profile to give you the best possible sound quality.  In addition, the following features can help manage sound quality:

  • Volume control changes (including data learning features)
  • Feedback management systems

The only proven way to improve speech intelligibility in background noise is through the use of directional microphones.

Directional microphones are available in different levels of sophistication ranging from:

  • Fixed directional (always reduces noise in a given area) 
  • Binaurally coordinated automatically adaptive directional microphones that adapt to the individual's environment

Noise comes in various forms. To help reduce the annoyance hearing aids may act to reduce
the following noise types:

  • Wind noise 
  • Background noise (such as restaurant noise)
  • Sudden loud noises (e.g. a door slamming)
  • Low level noise (generated from the hearing aid itself)

Features that help the hearing device easily adapt to different environments are: 

  • Binaural Coordination
  • Data Learning
  • Environmental Classification
  • Automatic volume controls 
  • Remote Controls
  • Telecoils


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