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Gurgaon Hearing Aids Center

World's Most Advanced Hearing Aids Technology now in Gurgaon !!!



In order to emulate natural binaural hearing Siemens latest Binax technology links the two hearing aids, just like the brain uses input from both ears. Using e2e (ear to ear) technology to exchange audio signals between two hearing aids in a bilateral fitting.

As a result, each hearing aid not only uses the information picked up by itself, but also the acoustic signals received by the contralateral hearing aid. In two-microphone instruments such as Carat binax™, Pure binax™ or Motion binax™, this means each instrument works with input from four microphones. Together in a bilateral fitting, they create a virtual eight-microphone network.

Similarly, e2e wireless allows single microphone instruments, such as the tiny Insio binax CICs, to exchange audio signals between each other. In bilateral fittings, they create a virtual four-microphone network.


binax e2e
  1. For hearing aids with two microphones such as Pure binax, Carat binax, Motion binax, and two-microphone Insio binax models, e2e wireless creates a virtual eight-microphone network.

2. For hearing aids with one microphone such as single-microphone Insio binax models, e2e wireless creates a virtual four-microphone network.



These virtual microphone networks provide a heightened sensitivity of the acoustic environment: Siemens call this “High Definition Sound Resolution” or HDSR.

HDSR is the basis for the binax features that offer an exceptional binaural listening experience. In fact, HDSR is so powerful that certain binax hearing aids have been clinically proven to allow wearers to hear in cocktail-party like situations even better than their normal hearing counterparts.*

What’s more, this outstanding hearing technology is incredibly energy efficient. While providing outstanding HDSR, the revolutionary e2e wireless technology is, by far, the industry’s most energy-efficient binaural audio transmission technology.

As a result, all binax features – binaxFocus, binaxSound, and binaxGuide – can be engaged automatically and as often as necessary to offer the best binaural listening experience ever, without compromising battery life.


Spatial SpeechFocus™ automatically focuses on the main speech source – be it from the front, back or even sides – while at the same time attenuating noise from other directions. It is automatically activated as soon as a car situation is detected.




Binax Focus’ narrow directionality automatically focuses on the speaker immediately in front of the wearer. It is able to narrow the beam of the directional microphone and to help wearers understand speech in noise. In fact, clinical studies have shown that narrow directionality is so effective that it allows users to understand speech better than those with normal hearing in situations like cocktail parties.*


Being outdoors on a windy day often means annoying wind noise for wearers of traditional hearing instruments. Thanks to binaxSound’s eWindScreen binaural, wearers will always maintain natural spatial awareness and optimum listening comfort – no matter how windy the environment.

binaxSound continually monitors both hearing instruments and strategically uses eWindScreen™ binaural when wind is detected to transmit audio signals from the side with the better sound quality to the other ear. Thanks to HDSR, unmatched spatial awareness is maintained. Additionally, binaxSound’s eWindScreen binaural preserves a high level of sound comfort – even in the most difficult windy situations.

Intelligent audio data exchange for the best possible sound: binaxSound replaces the inferior audio signal with the better audio signal.


Even the smartest hearing instruments won‘t be able to know how the wearer wants to hear all the time. binaxGuide’s spatial Configurator enables wearers to temporarily override their automatic hearing instrument settings in unique listening situations. So they can decide how they want to hear. This offers wearers the most individual binaural hearing experience available.

As an addition to automatic functions that adapt to changing acoustic environments, spatial Configurator empowers wearers to take control of how and what they want to hear. They can individually adjust the span of their directional microphone focus beams, and decide how much of their environment they want to hear.

Spatial Configurator also gives wearers the ability to indicate the direction of where their microphones should be focused – the front, the back or even the sides.




  • The Binax 7 is the premium model in the binax range from Siemens. Using their most advanced technology, the 7Bx has 20% more processing power than the previous micon chip. The 7Bx offers the most individual binaural hearing experience available. 7bx’ premium microphone technology in 48 channels with narrow directionality allows the wearer to understand speech even in difficult listening environments such as busy restaurants or cocktail parties. In some situations, they might even be able to hear better than a normal hearing person.*
  • With the 7bx, the hearing instruments have special automatic settings for how wearers like to hear in the car. While suppressing car and traffic noise,spatial SpeechFocus allows them to hear what their fellow passengers are saying in the car, no matter if they are sitting in the front, back, left or right.
  • With 7bx’ eWindScreen binaural, the wearer will have a high listening comfort in windy situations.
  • No matter background noise level, easyTek streaming remains loud and clear with 7bx’ adaptive streaming volume.


  • 5bx’ SpeechFocus makes it much easier for the wearer to follow a conversation in the car.
  • Thanks to 5bx’ directional speech enhancement, the wearer may find it easier to follow conversations in noisy and crowded situations.
  • With 5bx, learning options enable the hearing aids to learn the wearer’s listening preferences separately for three distinct acoustic situations: Speech, noise and music.


  • 3bx’ fitting scheme offers the wearer a natural and comfortable listening experience.
  • With 3bx’ 24 channel directional microphone, including narrow directionality and noise reduction processing, background noises are effectively reduced.
  • 3bx’ ocean wave sounds expand the flexability of the tinnitus therapy solution and create a more positive, soothing and stress-relieving listening experience for people with tinnitus.


Discreet handling. Discreet Hearing

Ace binax redefines discreetness: Our smallest, virtually invisible RIC is remotely controllable via the touchControl App. IP67-rated and equipped with a tinnitus noiser function, Ace binax is an optimum solution for first-time wearers or people that simply demand discreetness first and oremost.



Fully Featured, discreet and truly binaural.

With the perfect balance of binax technology and an elegant design, Pure binax is ready to delight even the most discerning wearer. It is small, IP67-rated and discretely offers all the advantages of a binaural RIC hearing aid. Plus: In combination with the multifunctional easyTek and easyTek App, Pure binax satisfies every wish a tech-savvy wearer could have.



Compact, flexible and truly binaural.

Thanks to its housing in a balanced design and a broad fitting range, Carat binax adapts perfectly to almost all your clients’ demands. Available in two IP67-rated versions, the rechargeable Carat binax and the DAI-ready Carat A binax provide all of the binax benefits for an outstanding binaural sound experience without compromising battery life. Paired with the easyTek and easyTek App, these models take hearing aids to an unprecedented level of flexibility.


Minimized design, maximised performance.Signia Insio

Until today, wearers of traditional custom hearing aids always had to decide between technology and size: Tiny, discreet hearing instruments could not be equipped with many technological features, while high-tech custom instruments used to sit visibly in the ear. Now with Insio binax custom hearing aids, we managed to narrow this gap. In order to limit the instruments’ critical length, we rotated the receiver. This gained us space and allowed us to optimally position the components. Now, an improved wireless coil could be moved closer to the receiver. An electromagnetic shield protects the components against interference. As a result, the hearing aids can be built smaller and more compact than ever before and even provide enhanced functionality.



Sleek and easy to manage with true binaural capabilities to fit any ear.Motion SX binax

The brand-new Motion SX and SA binax convince with a sleek, innovative housing. This not only makes them ultra-comfortable and inconspicuous to wear but also offers improved directionality. Reliable and easily manageable, the rechargeable Motion SX binax and the DAI-ready Motion SA binax are fully featured to offer true binaural capabilities and all options to cover individual needs. Plus, in combination with the easyTek and other accessories, changing hearing programs, adjusting the volume or streaming audio is even more effortless and enjoyable.

Motion px binaxMOTION PX BINAX

Powerful and easy to manage with true binaural capabilities to fit any ear.

A powerful partner in a proven design: Due to its broad fitting range, the new Motion PX binax can cover a huge range of hearing losses and provide superio
r directional hearing. The user-friendly controls and intelligent interfaces offer wearers hassle-free handling for easy listening. Equipped with the outstanding binax technology, Motion PX binax also provides a superb binaural listening experience. Combined with the easyTek, Motion PX binax offers your customers an even higher level of convenience.


Whether you would like to change settings remotely, stream audio directly, or take advantage of rechargability, Siemens accessories help to make everyday life easier.


Say goodbye
to the hassle of fiddly weekly battery changes with the eCharger, the sustainable power solution for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids.  It also acts as a hearing aid drier by dehumidifying your hearing aids overnight.


Worn around the neck on top of clothing, or discreetly hidden underneath, the easyTek keeps you connected and in control by acting as a remote control, or streaming audio directly into your hearing aids. Transform binaural hearing aids into a high quality stereo headset. Connect your hearing aids to phones, TVs and more.

The easyTek App gives the easyTek even more functionaility while adding the element of discretion. The app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and allows discreet adjustment of programmes or volume control from your phone.


The companion microphone for easyTek directly streams the wearer’s voice direct to your hearing instruments, especially helpful in difficult listening situations such as meetings.

touchControl App

Turns your smartphone into a discreet remote control and allows you to conveniently access handling options right at your fingertips. The touchControl App can be downloaded free of charge on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


With its sleek design, large intuitive buttons and easy to read display, the easyPocket makes it possible to control the features of your hearing aids even if you suffer from dexterity issues.

 All of Siemens latest range of hearing aids are available in a choice of designs and colours to allow you to customise the product to suit your lifestyle.

For more information on any of the Siemens products listed above, to request a brochure or to arrange an appointment for a hearing consultation contact us or book online

*Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain debestSoundmanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing

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