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Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries: Better for You, Better for the Environment

Siemens developers have created hearing aids that are smaller and do more than ever before, yet still operate off the same battery sizes as earlier generations. For example, Siemens Pure® and Insio™ hearing aids connect to each other when worn as a pair and exchange audio signals from their microphones. Via streaming, they receive sound from a smartphone, TV, or stereo system. The required computing power of their high-performance computer chips has increased tenfold in the past ten years. Yet, in spite of all the extras, they continue to operate with the smallest batteries, due to our energy-efficient technologies.

Why Siemens batteries are better than ever

You may wonder if it is worth paying for brand-name batteries like ours. At first glance, many discount batteries seem tempting due to their lower price tags. However, their price isn’t the only thing that’s cheap ― so are their materials and performance. In comparison, Siemens batteries are produced in Germany from high-quality materials and thoroughly vetted with regard to their electrical and mechanical properties during the manufacturing stage. They combine durability, reliability, and safety. Our hearing aids can only achieve their full potential when our high-quality hearing aid batteries are used to power them.

Consistency pays off

In addition to longevity, voltage stability plays a crucial role in hearing aid batteries. It is only with consistent battery power throughout their lifetime that hearing aids can fully reach their potential, because the computer chips inside are highly sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Siemens batteries provide constant voltage from the first to the last moment of each battery’s life.

Safety is important

Our batteries are called zinc-air cells. They work with the oxygen in the air and activate as soon as the airtight sticker is removed. For this reason, the air tightness of the stickers is checked during the manufacturing stage, so that the batteries cannot discharge before the sticker is removed for installation in your hearing aids. In addition, our batteries are made of stainless steel and triple-sealed, which mean they’re very safe and won’t damage your high-quality hearing aids.

Helping the environment

Hearing aid batteries are among the best-selling specialty batteries worldwide, which means they also impact the environment. These batteries should never be thrown into your household trash, but rather disposed of via collection boxes at hearing care professionals’ locations or according to designated battery waste collection methods for your neighborhood. Our batteries are also 100 percent free of mercury for increased environmental safety.

Rechargeable batteries offer greater convenience

Behind-the-ear hearing aids like Siemens Motion® can also be operated with our rechargeable batteries. Since they are modern nickel-metal-hydride batteries (without mercury, lead, or cadmium) they have no memory effect. You simply place your rechargeable hearing aids with their batteries in the eCharger™ for overnight charging, and the next morning they are ready for use again. This makes life with hearing aids even more convenient. And our rechargeable hearing aid batteries require only one or two changes per year, further reducing environmental waste.

So, as you can see, not all hearing aid batteries are created alike!

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