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Gurgaon Hearing Aids Center

World's Most Advanced Hearing Aids Technology now in Gurgaon !!!

Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world; one out of every four hearing aids used around the world is a Siemens. The company integrates the innovative and advanced technologies into hearing solutions to meet a variety of hearing loss needs.

Siemens offers a broad product portfolio—including completely invisible, waterproof, rechargeable hearing aids and accessories that connect hearing aids wirelessly to mobile phones, TVs, MP3 and DVD players and other media devices.

The manufacturer pioneered Bluetooth integration in hearing aids, as well as 3D earmold scanning, borrowing technology from its medical equipment division’s MRI manufacturing department. These 3D scans lead to more accurate hearing aid fittings. Siemens is known for natural sound quality and durable hearing aid design.

Based in Piscataway, NJ, Siemens has more than 500 employees dedicated to manufacturing, research, sales, marketing, finance and customer care.

Hearing solutions for everyone.

We provide a broad range of hearing aids for every requirement and all degrees of hearing loss. We offer our customers a wide selection from many different models and performance levels: attractive RIC hearing aids, versatile BTE hearing instruments, discreet ITE devices and swift fit Click ITEs. To facilitate orientation and help in the selection of the right hearing solution, all our hearing instruments are placed in three categories according to their construction models. This way, you can quickly find out which model best suits a customer’s wearing preferences.

RIC Hearing Aids

With the receiver-in-canal, RIC models have a smaller housing that sits behind the ear. This also allows for sound transmission directly into the ear making them a powerful and subtle solution with a high level of technological convenience.

BTE Hearing Aids

We offer a large variety of behind-the-ear models for all levels of hearing loss – the optimum solution for customers who are at ease with their hearing aids and prefer a high level of wearing and handling comfort.

ITE/Click ITE hearing Aids

Almost invisible when worn, ITE models fit perfectly in the ear for customers who want complete discretion combined with refined technology, power and convenience. The new Click ITE models add an additional level of versatility and swift fitting with a minimum of fuss. 


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Siemens is now Signia

Signia Digital Hearing Aids

Directional hearing matters

Directionality: Focuses on the direction of the target speaker.

Binaural hearing aids

Binaural hearing increases loudness, enhances clarity, and gives sound added richness and superior quality. But the benefits of binaural hearing deteriorate with age and hearing loss.

Smart Hearing with Siemens

Smart Connect with easyTeck and TouchControl


Primax highlights speech from background noise to make hearing effortless.

Silk Primax: Ready-to-wear CIC.

Packed with advanced features, the tiny Silk primax Click CICs are nevertheless invisible in the ear.

Cellion: Forget about batteries.

Revolutionary hearing with lithium-ion inductive rechargeability.

Signia Hearing Aids

Life Sounds Brilliant

Siemens Hearing Aid Models and Prices in India

Siemens hearing aid models

Model Name


Price Range

Technology levels


Miniature receiver in the canal (RIC)


7px - Premium
5px - Advanced
3px - Standard




7px - Premium
5px - Advanced
3px - Standard


Behind the ear (BTE)


7px - Premium
5px - Advanced
3px - Standard


In the ear (ITE), In the canal (ITC),
Completely in the canal (CIC),
Invisible in the canal (IIC)


7px - Premium
5px - Advanced
3px - Standard





Orion 2




Sirion 2





Water and dust resistant


7px - Premium
5px - Advanced
3px - Standard

Nitro Micon



Super power
(2 levels)


Siemens hearing aid Prices


Model No.







Vita 118Body Worn (Pocket)AnalogNon-Programmable3290
Amiga 172 NBody Worn (Pocket)AnalogNon-Programmable3990
AMIGA 176 AOBody Worn (Pocket)AnalogNon-Programmable4990
Pocketio HPBody Worn (Pocket)DigitalNon-Programmable4990
Pockettio MPBody Worn (Pocket)DigitalNon-Programmable4990
AMIGA 178 PPAOBody Worn (Pocket)AnalogNon-Programmable5990
Pockettio Digital DHPBody Worn (Pocket)DigitalNon-Programmable6490
Pockettio Digital DMPBody Worn (Pocket)DigitalNon-Programmable6490
Touching BTEBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalNon-Programmable7590
LOTUS 12PBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalNon-Programmable8590
LOTUS 23MBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalNon-Programmable8990
LOTUS 12SPBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable9690
LOTUS 23 PBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalNon-Programmable9990
LOTUS 23 SPBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable10990
CIC Lotus 12Completely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalNon-Programmable12990
ITC Lotus 12In The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalNon-Programmable12990
LOTUS PRO MBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable12990
LOTUS PRO PBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable12990
LOTUS PRO SPBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable12990
CIC LOTUS 23Completely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalNon-Programmable13990
ITC LOTUS 23In The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalNon-Programmable13990
ITC Lotus 23In The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalNon-Programmable13990
Lotus Pro 2MBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable14990
Lotus Pro 2SPBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable14990
Intuis DirBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable17990
INTUIS LifeBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable17990
Intuis S DirBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable17990
INTUIS SP DIRBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable17990
LOTUS PROCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable17990
LOTUS PROIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable17990
CIC IntuisCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable19990
Intuis PRO DIR BTEBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable19990
Intuis PRO S DIR BTEBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable19990
Intuis PRO SP DIR BTEBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable19990
ITC INTUISIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable19990
CIC Intuis 2Completely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable24990
IIC Intuis 2 InvisibleInvisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable24990
Intuis 2 ITCInvisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable24990
Intuis 2MBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable24990
Intuis 2PBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable24990
Intuis 2SBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable24990
Orion RIC (Twin Mic)Receiver In Canal (R.I.C)DigitalProgrammable24990
Orion SP (Twin Mic)Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable24990
BTE Nitro 3mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable29990
CIC Nitro 3mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable29990
ITC Nitro 3mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable29990
CIC SIRION 2Completely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable34990
IIC Sirion 2 InvisibleInvisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable34990
ITC SIRION 2In The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable34990
Sirion 2M (Twin Mic)Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable34990
Sirion 2P (Twin Mic)Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable34990
Sirion 2S (Twin Mic)Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable34990
Orion 2RIC 10Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable39990
IIC Orion 2 InvisibleInvisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable49990
Orion 2 CICCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable49990
Orion 2 ITCIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable49990
Orion 2MBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable49990
Orion 2PBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable49990
Orion 2RIC 312Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable49990
Orion 2SBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable49990
RIC Pure 3mi (Twin Mic)Receiver In CanalDigitalProgrammable74490
BTE Motion M 3mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable74990
BTE Motion PX 3mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable74990
BTE Motion SX 3mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable74990
Insio 3miCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable74990
Insio 3mi (Twin mic)In The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable74990
Insio 3mi [Invisible]Invisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable74990
CIC Nitro 7miCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable84990
ITC Nitro 7mi hearing aidIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable84990
NITRO 7mi hearing aidBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable84990
Insio 3bxCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable99990
Insio 3bxIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable99990
Insio 3bx [Invisible]Invisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable99990
Motion PX 3bxBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable99990
Motion SX 3bxBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable99990
Pure 3bx [Twin MIC]Receiver In Canal (R.I.C)DigitalProgrammable99990
Insio 5bxCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable154990
Insio 5bxIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable154990
Insio 5bx [Invisible]Invisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable154990
Motion PX 5bxBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable154990
Motion SX 5bxBehind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable154990
Pure 5bx (Twin Mic)Receiver In Canal (R.I.C)DigitalProgrammable154990
Insio 7bxCompletely In Canal (C.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable249990
Insio 7bxIn The Canal (I.T.C.)DigitalProgrammable249990
Insio 7bx [Invisible]Invisible In Canal (I.I.C.)DigitalProgrammable249990
Motion PX 7bx [Twin Mic]Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable249990
Motion SX 7bx [Twin Mic]Behind The Ear (B.T.E.)DigitalProgrammable249990