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What Customers are Saying for Siemens Hearing Aids

What Customers are Saying - Primax

Siemens Hearing Aid Reviews

What Customers are Saying - Nitro

Siemens Hearing Aid Reviews

What Customers are Saying - EasyTek

James Stowell was already a hearing aid wearer when he discovered the powerful Spatial Configurator tool with his easyTek™ App.

What Customers are Saying - Aquaris

Teenager Kristle Cowan swims for her school"s swim team despite hearing loss. The Aquaris™ hearing aids allow her to persue swiming with no limits.

What Customers are Saying - Pure

Siemens binax smart hearing aid wearer Mary Jo Beer reviews Pure hearing aids.

What Customers are Saying - Binax

Psychologist Penelope Denton found the technology of the Siemens Carat binax reconnected her to the world around her.

What Customers are Saying - Pure miniTek

Sergeant Spencer Cannon is better able to perform his job functions with his Siemens Pure hearing aids and miniTek accessory.

What Customers are Saying - Ace

World-famous jazz singer Marion Cowings needed a discreet yet effective solution to his hearing loss. He discovered the Siemens Ace™ hearing aids, allowing him to hear the high and low frequencies of his music.

Siemens Hearing Aids - Testimonials Across the World

Read these snapshot testimonials by actual Siemens hearing aid users and learn how our products change lives for the better!

Mary Jo Beer

When dedicated middle school teacher Mary Jo Beer started to lose her hearing, everything became more difficult, including teaching and communicating with friends and family.

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Kyle Murphy

15-year-old Kyle Murphy is amazed by how his Motion® SX hearing aids make communicating with friends and family easier in a wide variety of scenarios.

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Robert Renchik

62-year-old retiree Robert Renchik ignored his hearing loss for nearly five years. But then he realized how important and precious his hearing was to his everyday life, and did something about it.

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James Stowell

A tumor took the hearing in James Stowell’s left ear, and almost took his life. But a chance meeting and new Siemens Pure® binax technology helped complete his amazing recovery.

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Penelope Denton

An emotional discovery lead to positive changes for this psychologist. The technology of the Siemens Carat™ binax reconnected Penelope Denton to the world around her.

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Terry Rapp

Carat™ binax hearing aids and easyTek™ help Terry Rapp hear what he’s been missing. A few days after Terry first put on his new hearing aids, the 67-year-old retired family man and golf enthusiast from Phoenix, AZ rediscovered long-lost sounds that helped him enjoy life more than he had for a long time.

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Victor Rosenberg

University of Michigan professor Victor Rosenberg took his hearing loss into his own hands, trying a pair of off-the-shelf hearing aids. After realizing these were not the answer, Professor Rosenberg got a pair of Siemens Pure® hearing aids and a miniTek® remote. He has since seen improvement at home, and in the classroom.

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Kate Chambers

Kate Chambers has been using her Siemens Pure® hearing aids for almost four years, and went through a life-changing experience with them.  She has also been using the Siemens miniTek® streamer for over a year to overcome a change in her work environment. Read more.

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Charlie Chandler

Since discovering Siemens’ Nitro® BTE, Charlie Chandler can clearly express what he wants, have a conversation without signing, and finally get more out of life.

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Alison Myers

Over the last ten years, Alison Myers became more and more “removed” due to her hearing loss. But once Alison started using the Siemens’ Pure® hearing aids, she is able to be more involved in her active lifestyle. And with the miniTek® accessory, Alison is able to stream music directly to her hearing aids. In Alison’s own words: “My Pure hearing aids and miniTek have been life changers.”

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Linda Fabbro

As a flight attendant, Linda Fabbro needs the ability to hear and to hear clearly. With her hearing loss, Linda had difficulty hearing all of the sounds from her flights. With Siemens Pure® hearing aids, she’s able to hear every sound with such clarity, that it’s as if Linda has no hearing loss at all.

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Steve Berte

Steve Berte is a family man that is completely plugged in using the Siemens Pure® hearing aids. With his miniTek® streamer and his ePen remote control, Steve can connect to all of his favorite device and control his hearing aids very easily, allowing him the freedom to enjoy life with his family.

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Reed Doughty

For Reed Doughty, hearing loss runs in the family. “My grandmother was deaf, my three aunts are severely hearing impaired, and my father has a severe hearing loss,” he says. “I found out at six years old that I also had hearing loss.” But Reed didn’t let that slow him down, being drafted in the sixth round of the professional football draft in 2006. He then fought his way into the starting lineup and was recently made Special Teams Captain.

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Timothy King

Timothy King first learned of his hearing loss in first grade. Tim worked hard to get through school and college despite his hearing loss. But straining to hear through graduate school and at work started wearing him out. Tim’s audiologist offered him a new solution – a pair of Siemens Pure hearing aids and a miniTek wireless accessory. Now Tim is the Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs at Jacksonville State University.

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Collin Haygood

Collin Haygood is an active 11-year-old boy with hearing loss in both ears. After six years, three sets of hearing aids, an academic decline and frustration with too many limitations, Collin was introduced to the waterproof Siemens Aquaris™.  Now, Collin is excelling at home, at school and in sports.

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Joshua Stubblefield

Eleven-year-old Joshua Stubblefield has been wearing hearing aids for most of his life. When he needed something new, his audiologist recommended the waterproof and dustproof Siemens Aquaris™ to match his active lifestyle. With Aquaris, Josh can play baseball and basketball without worrying about water and dirt ruining his hearing aids.

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Kristle Cowan

High school senior Kristle Cowan is an avid swimmer who was frustrated that she couldn’t wear her hearing aids in the pool. When she tried the waterproof and dustproof Siemens Aquaris™ hearing aids, they gave her the confidence she needs to pursue her goals in the pool, at ROTC, and in the classroom, letting her ability define her rather than her limitations.

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Xavier Sheehan

Xavier Sheehan was surprisingly diagnosed with mild-to-moderate hearing loss at eight years old. After struggling with fragile traditional hearing aids and experiencing a decline in his academics, Xavier was fit with Siemens Aquaris™, the first ever digital waterproof hearing aid. Aquaris’ robust features proved perfect for Xavier’s active, rough-and-tumble lifestyle.

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